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Snapchat CEO deletes all his tweets, leaves only one retweet

In a move that can be described as a strange public relations stunt, Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel decided to delete all of his tweets, except for one.

It may be strange, but at least it's got the media talking.

Yesterday, Spiegel posted a strange, low-res video explaining what Snapchat is and why people use it. Somewhere during the video, he emphasized the importance of living in the moment. "Identity is everything I have ever done," he said, while explaining what Snapchat is with a pen and paper. "Instant expression says my identity is who I am right now."

To cement his idea of “living in the moment”, shortly after the video was posted, he deleted all of his tweets. All, except for one.

And really, after being reached out to by The Wall Street Journal, Snapchat’s spokesperson said Spiegel wiped everything because he "just really prefers to live in the present."

Maybe he’s trying to use Twitter the same way Snapchat is being used, deleting old tweets as new come by. Whatever the reason was, the only tweet remaining on his account is a retweet from another user named Tay, who congratulated Snapchat for its cute icon on February 22nd.

Twitter user @YeahIBeTaylor said “You’ve really outdone yourself @Snapchat cute as f—.”

Spiegel is also not alone in his struggle. He was joined by Bobby Murphy, Snapchat co-founder, who also deleted his entire tweet history. However, Murphy has no tweets on his profile whatsoever.

Spiegel joined Twitter in December 2010 and follows 35 people.

Sead Fadilpašić

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