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UK professionals aren’t taking social media seriously enough

Working professionals in the UK don't make the best use of social media in a business setting, according to new research.

A survey of 1000 full-time professionals between the ages of 20 and 45, undertaken by Scredible, found that almost half of respondents (47 per cent) felt there was too much useless content on social networks.

26 per cent said that social media channels were overloaded with too much spam, and 19 per cent were worried about what their boss might think of what they've posted to their account (even when it came to deciding what they share).

Nearly a third of those questioned (29 per cent) said they just didn't have time to post anything up on social networks during the working day.

Indeed, most British professionals view social media as a mere form of entertainment rather than a channel which can be used to push their business – 68 per cent said that social networks were most useful for just keeping in touch with friends and family.

A substantial number (38 per cent) said that social media should be banned from the workplace, because it detracts from productivity.

Only 39 per cent of UK professionals felt social media would be important for their career in five years’ time, compared to 54 per cent of Americans.

Colin Lucas-Mudd, Chief Executive Officer at Scredible, commented: “The UK is renowned globally for its creative, digital industries; but history demonstrates that we often fail to exploit the enormous commercial, development, and educational opportunities presented by a more connected world.

“Businesses and individuals that are quickest to recognise the benefits of an active social profile will get ahead of the competition. More awareness is needed everywhere, but we Brits can certainly learn from the U.S in this regard. Something we need to do quickly if we’re to remain competitive.”