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Xirrus launches EasyPass to manage mobile device Wi-Fi access

According to Gartner 85 per cent of enterprises expect to have policies for allowing employee-owned devices in the workplace by 2020. This gives administrators a growing challenge in securing, supporting and managing them.

High-performance wireless specialist Xirrus is launching a new service suite called EasyPass, designed to manage mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks in the simplest way and with minimal IT involvement.

"Users expect to connect anywhere, anytime without waiting. It's no longer enough to simply provide Wi-Fi - today, connecting must be fast, easy and secure," says Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing at Xirrus. "EasyPass addresses the pain points IT departments face due to the growing number of disparate devices on their Wi-Fi networks. Xirrus is the only Wi-Fi vendor to provide secure, device-independent Wi-Fi access with the simplest way to connect".

The EasyPass suite is made up of three modules. EasyPass Onboarding provides device-independent secure access for known users such as employees or students and ensures each user's connection is individually secured, eliminating the shared keys used on many Wi-Fi networks that expose them to compromise.

EasyPass Guest allows users to self-register without any IT assistance, and delivers fast and easy Wi-Fi access for anyone that wants to connect from anywhere, on any device. Finally EasyPass Voucher allows guest access using pre-created voucher codes to give greater control over who receives Wi-Fi access and for what duration.

"In higher education, students are accessing the Internet on more and more devices," says Tim Carlyle, director of network computing of Northwest Missouri State University. "Not only does this create a strain on our networks, it is also incredibly difficult and time consuming to manage.

"Xirrus; XMS-Cloud paired with EasyPass provides us with the easiest solution for controlling devices on our Wi-Fi network while simultaneously allowing our administrators and students to connect their devices easily and securely."

EasyPass is available from today and you can find out more and sign up for a free trial on the Xirrus website.

Photo credit: baranq/Shutterstock