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You can record mobile gameplay on select Samsung devices

Recording gameplay on PC or console is becoming more and more easier, as developers and console manufacturers start to open up to Let’s Plays and tutorials.

On mobile, it is still the early stages, with workarounds that require device rooting and sketchy looking apps that make a few too many promises. Samsung, thankfully, has stepped in and made a solution without the workaround.

Named Game Recorder+, Samsung’s new app allows users to record gameplay from inside the app, alongside recording microphone or game audio and a front-facing camera.

Users will be able to bring up a floating menu inside an app to change audio output, profile source and resolution of the game. Once finished, the user can stop recording, open the Game Recorder+ app, edit and upload the footage onto YouTube.

Currently, YouTube is the only provided supported for direct uploads. Users will have to download the file, send it to a computer and edit it for upload on another video site.

Samsung is appealing to the home crowd, given the huge surge in mobile gaming adoption in South Korea and other South-East Asian countries over the past two years.

Game Recorder+ will only be available on select Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, S6 Plus and a few other high-end devices.