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Comcast not interested in buying T-Mobile

Rumours started to spread this morning how Comcast was in talks with Deutsche Telekom over the potential acquisition of T-Mobile US.

However, a source familiar with Comcast’s thinking told Ars Technica that it’s not interested in buying T-Mobile.

No official denial was made, as the company avoids making statements on rumoured mergers, Ars Technica said.

The Manager Magazine in Germany was first to break the news, saying Deutsche Telekom is in talks with U.S. cable company Comcast about a potential sale of T-Mobile US.

Deutsche Telekom is in talks with several parties, including satellite provider Dish, according to the magazine, but Comcast is viewed as a more attractive buyer by the German telecoms provider's management.

Comcast would be a better candidate as it is financially stronger and would be able to make an offer to buy all shares in T-Mobile US, Manager Magazine reported.

According to Financial Times, which has also reported on the story citing its own sources, "nothing concrete" has resulted from talks between Deutsche and Comcast.

Duetsche Telekom is said to view Comcast as a better alternative to Dish — another rumoured buyer of T-Mobile — because the company can offer more money, whereas Dish would be offering a large amount of its own shares in any transaction.

The Dish negotiations are said to be in an "advanced" stage, says The Verge, and could be announced within weeks if the two sides can settle on a valuation. The German telecommunications company has been trying to sell T-Mobile for years. Deals with AT&T and Sprint were both abandoned because the US government opposed a merger that would leave the US with three major nationwide carriers instead of the current four.