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Gemany's secure messaging app coming to the US

When it comes to secure communication over smartphones, there's one app currently sitting on top as the best, most secure app out there.

It's called Threema, it's a German product and now it's trying to elbow its way into the US.

As UK’s Business Insider writes in a report, Threema is a small app, especially when compared to giants such as Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp.

Threema currently has 3.5 million active users, in contrast to WhatsApp’s 800 million. One of the factors which might have influenced these numbers is the fact that WhatsApp is free, while Threema costs $1.99 (£1.25) to download.

However, the app has seen unimaginable growth after the events following Edward Snowden’s leaks, and is now looking for a way to expand its market. One of the ways it’s trying to do that is by lowering its price in the US to $0.99 (£0.62) for a limited amount of time.

Threema’s strong point is encryption. Strong encryption refers to scrambling data and messages in such a way that it cannot be understood without the correct "key," even if the authorities have a court order.

Users don't need to provide a phone number or any other identifying details to use the app, and encryption keys are stored only on phones — making it impossible for Threema to read the contents of messages.

In the last year, even though the app hasn’t marketed itself in any way, its user base has grown 900 per cent. And if that is not enough to convince you to try it out, just know that ISIS (yes, the rebel group from the Middle East) is recommending it as means of avoiding detection.