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Jack Dorsey brushes off permanent Twitter CEO rumours, says he is fully committed to Square

Following the departure of Dick Costolo from the chief executive position at Twitter, the original co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped in as interim CEO, with rumours of a permanent place as the head of microblogging service.

Dorsey added fuel to the fire by not denying plans to become the permanent CEO, but today he has reaffirmed his commitment to Square.

“As I said last week, I’m as committed as ever to Square and its continued success,” Dorsey said in a statement to Re/Code. “I’m Square CEO and that won’t change.”

Even with this confirmation on staying at Square, it doesn’t clear up the rumours of an internal move to gain control of Twitter. Dorsey could work at both companies simultaneously, similar to Elon Musk with SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

Dorsey has apparently been focused on winning back the throne at Twitter for a few years. The interim CEO was ousted from the company in 2008 for leaving work early to attend Yoga classes, but in 2015 is much more focused on business and building the company.

Twitter is in need of a big thinker like Dorsey, someone who is willing to make large changes to the user experience in order to win more users. Square was one of the first business-to-business mobile cash readers and has grown with an easy to use user interface, alongside a borderline zero profit structure to win over customers.

The tenacity to put everything on the line to win over businesses is the same formula Twitter could use to win over users. Twitter currently offers a hard to use interface, with unique @ and # symbols for references—even though these references define Twitter, Dorsey could push the team to build systems and tutorials to help new users better understand.

Twitter also needs to work on making a more friendly environment for people sharing content. The harassment needs to be curbed and the messaging system needs to be overhauled to compete with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

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Dorsey will have a hard task ahead of him, should he vie for the CEO position. If he decides to let it go, other contenders include Twitter CFO Anthony Noto, Google exec Vic Gundotra, Google chief of services Sundar Pichai and even Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.