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Nest Labs unveils 'Nest Cam' along with updates to smoke detector and thermostat

Smart home developer Nest Labs has taken the lid off new hardware updates for its lineup, including a new Nest Cam built in cooperation with recently acquired Dropcam.

The Nest Cam is the first in the series, taking over the Dropcam line of monitoring cameras. Nest Labs acquired Dropcam in 2014 for £345 million, a few months after Google acquired Nest Labs for £2 billion.

Nest Labs also announced a video storage service for $10 per month. The service will allow users to store all video taken by the Nest Cam, alongside any other video the user uploads.

The Nest Cam is a good fill product, allowing the company to extend its smart home offerings. It doesn’t offer much innovation in the smart home market however, considering it has a similar design to the Dropcam with better resolution and night vision.

Updates to the Nest Protect and the smart thermostat were also announced, giving older customers new reasons to be excited. The smoke detector should provide less false warnings of smoke, while Nest added new options to the smart thermostat.

Overall, it is a small update to the thermostat and smoke detector, already leaders in the field of smart home devices. The Nest Cam and video storage service should serve customers wanting to monitor a home, office or business, but we already have surveillance cameras on the market with the same feature-set.

We were hoping for something to do with audio, considering ‘Nest Audio’ was trademarked a few months ago. Nest Labs also took control of Google Glass in late 2014, and reports earlier this month suggested the augmented reality headset was going into mass production.

These might come later in the year, but holding an event for the launch of the Nest Cam alone feels underwhelming, especially since Google I/O happened just one month prior.