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Samsung appeals Apple court damages again

The long running court battle between Samsung and Apple looks set to continue after the South Korean firm asked a US appeals court to review millions of dollars of awarded damages.

The court case dates all the way back to 2011 and centres on claims by Apple that Samsung handsets infringe on a number of iPhone patents.

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The US District Court originally ruled that Samsung had infringed both design and utility patents, as well as damaging its trade dresses, relating to the visual appearance of the product. Apple was awarded damages of $930 million (£580 million), but last month the US Court of Appeals overruled the decision on the trade dresses, reducing the damages owed by $382 million. The appeals court did support the design and utility rulings however.

That means that Samsung still owes Apple $548 million, but the smartphone firm is now set to challenge $399 million of the remaining figure. Samsung wants all the judges to review the decision – a court session known as “en banc” – arguing that the patent infringements only contribute towards minor aspects of their phones.

"Unlike rugs, spoons, and simple mechanical objects, smartphones incorporate hundreds or thousands of different patented technologies, and it is undisputed here that Apple's design patents claim only partial, minor features of such devices," Samsung claimed in court papers.

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Samsung had originally been ordered to hand over all profits earned from infringing devices to Apple, a ruling that the South Korean company believes to be excessive. Whether or not Samsung is successful, its latest appeal is just another entry in the ongoing court saga between the two companies.