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Skype Translator now supports German and French

Microsoft has announced two new spoken languages coming to Skype Translator, French and German, giving a total of six languages.

The six languages, which include English, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin, mean Skype Translator works for over 30 per cent of the population on Earth.

Skype Translator takes spoken word and translates it to audio or text, allowing two people that speak different languages to have a conversation. Microsoft is planning to push this in schools with pen pal programs, allowing schools from all over the world to chat; it will also be used in business to allow freelancers to find more job opportunities.

Microsoft also added a way to translate over 130 languages through text, making it perfect for users that don’t want to use Skype’s video or audio calling services.

Compared to other translation services on the market, Skype Translator is already proving to be one of the best, thanks to Microsoft’s dictation and grammar systems.

Microsoft will launch Skype Translator on Windows 10 for all users, but there is already an app available on Windows 8 for beta users.

The next languages may include Hindi, Portuguese and Arabic, adding support for another two billion users worldwide. Microsoft is also planning to add new features for deaf people, allowing them to experience their first Skype call.