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WhatsApp scores lowest in data privacy report

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its 2015 report on ‘Who Has Your Back?’, a look at technology companies information disclosure and collection policies.

In this year’s report, Adobe, Apple, Dropbox, Wikimedia, WordPress and Yahoo all scored top marks, using the best practices for security, publically opposing backdoors, disclosing government data demands, content removal requests, and making data retention policies public.

Some of the worst technology companies include messaging app WhatsApp, for not releasing public information on data retention and government data requests, alongside not following industry-standard practices. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, who scored relatively well on the report.

American telecommunications giant AT&T also scored low, for not opposing backdoors or releasing information on data retention and government data requests. Verizon, another American communications company, had the same score sheet.

The report does not go into much detail about the information disclosed, or what the company has done to prevent backdoors. Yahoo, for instance, should be higher up than Google or Facebook on preventing government backdoors, after fighting in secret court cases for the best part of three years against the United States.

That said, it is a good foundation for showing what technology companies are doing to promote disclosure and prevent government agreements.