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Apple Watch 2 expected next year

It has been barely a couple of months since Apple's latest product, the Apple Watch was launched online, and even before it is universally available, there are rumours that the Apple Watch 2 will be ready for release as soon as next year.

What we know so far is that the Apple Watch 2 will be more user friendly and functional that what is currently offered in it's current form. 9to5mac has cited "multiple sources" that have said that the Apple Watch 2 will feature a camera, making FaceTime calls on the Watch a possibility. The Watch 2 will also be able to be function more independently, and not as reliant on a connected iPhone.

Expanding a little on this, there are rumours of the Watch 2 being able to handle simple communication tasks independently from a connected device.

Despite the improved functionality, it would seem that Apple haven't been able to remedy the poor battery life of the current Watch, the the Apple Watch 2 will likely feature a similar battery.

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