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EE to beef up bobbys with Galaxy Note 4 smartphones

EE has announced that it will be supplying the police force in Cumbria with 4G smartphones, as part of the constabulary's investment of £1.8 million put towards mobile working.

The idea is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 handsets will replace pocketbooks, cut down on paperwork, and mean that officers get to spend more time on the beat, and less time in the office.

Using the 4G smartphones will apparently also make some considerable efficiency savings over the next three years, with the amount saved expected to total £3.3 million during this period.

The Cumbrian police force will use one of EE’s super bundle plans for businesses and public sector organisations, offering a shared total data allowance from 50TB up to 1PB.

Chief Superintendent Steve Johnson said: “Cumbria Constabulary polices one of the largest geographical areas in England and Wales, which covers difficult terrain. As a result, call and data coverage and communication quality are important factors in mobilising the workforce in order to increase the amount of time officers are able to spend in the community, keeping people safe and dealing with crime.

“EE is providing excellent coverage for calls and data in Cumbria and its 4G coverage offers faster speeds and greater quality. The increased mobilisation of our officers involves the completion of documents outside police stations. The EE data super-bundle provides value for money for Cumbria Constabulary, as all officers and staff are able to utilise the data with no wastage and no extra monthly costs.”