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Facebook Moments might not be coming to Europe as soon as we thought

Moments is one of the hottest new apps, allowing a small group of friends to share photos without showing the whole world a full album library.

The app is already a hit in the United States, but Facebook might delay releasing Moments in Europe. Moments uses facial recognition as a key part of its identification system for sending photos to one or more friends.

Facial recognition has already thrown Facebook in hot water, currently under investigation in Belgium and the Netherlands. It might not want to tempt fate again by launching Moments anywhere in Europe.

Facebook European lobbyist Richard Allan already went on record to say new apps may be held back from European release, following increased activity from regulators.

This seemed like a threat at first, trying to invoke the public to fight against further regulation of US Internet companies, but it may have been more of a warning that Facebook executives wouldn’t risk pushing an app into Europe.

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For four years, Facebook has been trying to invade the personal photo space, but privacy worries and lack of features have made it hard to crack. With Moments, the social network seems to achieve the perfect balance of usability and privacy, even if it might mine those photos for advertising in the future.

That said, most users on Facebook know the risk of uploading private photos, videos and other content—it will most likely be viewed by some bot. At least unlike Snapchat, Facebook hasn’t had that many photo leaks in the past few years, meaning it will stay between you and Facebook.