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Bing redesigned its video search and it looks great

As video becomes more and more popular form of online content, so the calls for better indexing and better searching of videos become louder.

Microsoft was the next in line to heed the calls and has improved its search engine when it comes to looking for videos.

YouTube might never be dethroned, but Microsoft has given a strong case to why people should visit Bing before going to YouTube.

The new video search feature in Bing now offers larger thumbnails, video previews, as well as additional information about the video itself including the uploader’s name, view count and upload date.

Holding your cursor over a search result gives you a small preview, with sound, just so you know what you’re opening before you actually open it.

The related search suggestions are also revamped and are now quite useful. Music searches will show a module up at the top for the artist with a photo and a list of other top songs, which you can also open with a single click.

More suggested videos will show up half-way down the page in another module, with more recommendations all the way at the end.

Best results (based on relevance and popularity) will feature a larger preview, and you can watch the entire video straight from the search result if you so please.

Perhaps the best part about the whole revamp is the fact that Bing pulls results from all over the web, not just YouTube. Compared to Google’s video search, Bing is a huge step forward and might force Google to do the same.