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Microsoft removes plans to allow all Windows 10 insiders a free copy of final build

Microsoft once again is spouting out poor communication to Windows 10 customers, first telling Insiders a free activated copy of Windows 10 will be available on launch, but now backtracking and only claiming the final edition will be available.

The final edition will include everything first buyers will receive, but the first update will cost the Insider, we expect.

It wasn’t unexpected, given Microsoft’s rather poor past with handling things like promotions and freebies. The Insider program allowed budding developers and fans of Windows 10 to test and offer feedback, with over one million participating.

The issue is some of these participants arrived from Windows XP or Vista, or maybe had a faulty version of Windows 7 or 8 that doesn’t meet the requirements needed for a free version.

Microsoft no doubt knows about the faults and may not want to hand that many copies to customers, who have not yet paid for a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8.

Though it might seem like a stab in the back, Microsoft is not in the game of offering free software, at least not yet. Windows 10 will cost over £60 when it launches in the UK, with prices steeping as high as £199 for enterprise and professional versions.

Compared to Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS and Linux distros, Windows 10 is the only operating system to still cost money. That is due to Chrome and Linux being built on open source, and Apple not caring about the software sales with its massive hardware dominance—Microsoft on the other hand needs this software backbone.

That said, Microsoft is working towards services and cloud as the two main markets. It plans to invest heavily in its cloud infrastructure and make its services for appetising, launching Office, OneDrive and other apps on iOS and Android last year.

This slip up might be changed once again or we will hear an official announcement closer to release, on July 29.