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Samsung's Safety Truck is a transparent vehicle

Samsung has found a way to make its trucks partially invisible, and it's a great feature which might increase the security on the road.

The premise is quite simple: put a wireless camera at the front of the vehicle, and place four large screens on the back. Transmit the camera's feed to the displays at the back, so that the driver behind the truck can see what's in front of the big rig.

However, the idea is not as simple as it might sound, as there are many challenges on that road. Among those are the solar glare which makes it hard to watch anything on a display during a sunny day (ever taken a laptop out to the park?), as well as the financial side of the issue. Placing large displays is not exactly a cheap thing to do, and it’s not an investment which can return much in terms of financial gain.

However, in terms of road safety, the returns are priceless.

Samsung says it's now working to obtain regulatory approval for the deployment of its so-called Safety Truck, The Verge wrote in a report.

This is not the first time advanced technology is being applied to vehicles with the idea of increasing road safety. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (V2V) systems, which are expected to arrive in US cars next year, are a form of networked intelligence whereby your car transmits data about its position, direction, and speed, and receives the same about cars around it.

Even though it sounds much more practical, I’d rather go for the Samsung Safety Truck as it’s way cooler.