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Sony's wafer-thin 4K TVs coming to stores next month

Sony delayed the launch of its wafer-thin 4K TVs in May, but officially penned the launch month for July earlier today. The three models, all running Android TV, are ahead of the curve in terms of design.

Take the 55-inch model for example, measuring at 4.7mm at the thickest screen point. That is thinner than the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 and the thinnest display on the market.

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There are two other models, 65-inch and 75-inch, all featuring 4K displays with Sony’s X1 image processor boosting the colour depth and accuracy. Similar to most Sony TVs, the new models feature a very minimalist design.

Google’s new Android TV platform will power the Sony TVs, allowing a wide range of media content, games and apps. Sony plans to make Android TV the default platform for all of its smart TVs, after the failure of the Google TV platform.

Prices for the UK are still unreleased. In the US, the 55-inch model will cost $2,499 (£1,600), the 65-inch model will cost $2,999 (£1,900) and the top-end 75-inch model will cost $3,999 (£2,500).

Sony also plans to add PlayStation Now functionality on the Sony TVs, allowing gamers to play PlayStation games on the TV without owning a PS3 or PS4. This feature is planned to launch sometime in the summer, although no specific date is set.