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Twitter's Project Lightning unveiled

A new Twitter project has been revealed, and this one is sort of a live-blog feed from major events, consisting of photos, videos, vines and Periscope streams.

According to BuzzFeed, which broke the news late last week, Twitter's new brainchild is called Project Lightning. It can be viewed within Twitter, its mobile app, but also on other websites and it will be available for both Twitter users and non-users.

So how does it work? For example if you have an event such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), there will be hundreds of people posting thousands of images, videos, vines and whatnot.

You can follow that event using a popular hashtag, but that means you’re forced to follow a cluttered, chaotic stream of everything, from slightly irrelevant posts to completely irrelevant posts.

However, Project Lightning will have a team of editors curating content of the biggest quality, and it will be available for Twitter and non-Twitter users. But rather than view the tweets you'll view full-screen photos or videos and scroll through them.

Twitter will allow sites to embed the events, a bit like how YouTube does with its videos now. If embedded, the events will update live as they get updated on Twitter.

"The challenge we’ve had over the years is, although we have the world’s greatest content, it’s like having a television without a channel guide or even a remote control,” BuzzFeed quotes Katie Jacob Stanton, head of the curating editorial team at Twitter, saying. “There’s no way to really find it or contextualise that content. So [Project Lightning] is this beautiful vessel for us to surface great content and make it more delightful."