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6 of the fastest growing tech companies and what they're doing right

Each year the technology industry is met with a number of challenges and the companies who rise to the top are those able to meet these challenges head-on and eradicate problems before they arise.

So what companies have been able to do that most recently? This year, there seems to be six top tech companies that have proven themselves as industry leaders and overcome their roadblocks in unique ways.

It’s not easy rising to the top of the technology industry, particularly because so many other companies are vying for the spot. It seems industry leaders don’t necessarily make their efforts known, but rather go about their business as usual, finding new ways to transform processes.

These companies create platforms that meet business and consumer needs, applications and tools that facilitate better business networking and promote sales, solutions that not only resolve problems but also prevent further issues, and so much more. When it comes down to it, these companies not only make technology better, they make the world better.


A company founded in 2003, LinkedIn has been on the rise for a number of years. It operates the world’s largest professional network that is hosted solely on the Internet, and boasts over 150 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. This company is one that serves as an online forum to increase our access to knowledge, business insights, and industry opportunities. LinkedIn’s ability to connect individuals across cultures and business forums is what situates it as the leading tech company in the industry today.

Business owners, employers, and job searchers are all able to connect and find new networks in their industry. Their secret to success is their leadership which draws from all kinds of backgrounds from Paypal, Yahoo, and social dating sites, LinkedIn used their employees from all different backgrounds to create a site that would stand out from the competition and be useful to users.


This nomination as a tech leader likely doesn’t surprise anyone. Apple has its hands in all aspects of the technology industry today. The company designs, manufactures, and markets all our technology needs ranging from mobile communication and media devices, to personal computers, business software, and more. Above all else Apple delivers a standard of excellence at the head of the market.

Apple is a clear leader in the tech industry because it is constantly creating new products and solutions for businesses and consumers before they even realise they need them. This is evidenced by amazing tech like the Apple Watch, iPad, and now Apple TV. They also have a track record for good security, stopping phone theft with new features and introducing apps that are more social.

Qlik Technologies

This company creates and sells software solutions that deliver unparalleled data analysis and reporting solutions to businesses the world over. The software provided by Qlik Tech is far beyond other analytics companies, offering businesses a vast edge on the market. The company even provides options for middle market customers to large enterprises.

Small analyitics on apps to entire software packages, Qlik provides businesses big and small with the technology they need. The diversity of this company’s technology as well as its focus on meeting a diverse set of needs make it a clear leader. Their expansion on an international level is what makes it such a success.


This company is literally revolutionising the way we do healthcare. It provides cloud-based business and clinical services for physician practices including practice management, health record software, and back-office service operations.

The company saw a need in the healthcare industry and quickly and effectively met that need. The responsiveness as well as the innovative technology solutions is what makes this company as a leader in the market. According to their website, they’ve seen significant increases from 94 per cent of all claims paid in the first submission and a 32 per cent reduction in days in accounts received. Their ability to see the whole picture is what makes them able to predict what new products are needed.


Offering an innovative take on digital photograph services, Shutterfly is expanding photography technology and products. The company offers consumers and businesses alike the opportunity to share, print, and preserve their digital photographs in a variety of forms which is particularly important in today’s digital world.

The company also offers connections to such options as using today’s common media giants to source one’s pictures and more. Personal pictures can be used on everything from large prints to go on mugs and home decorations. They have a huge following online and have received endorsements from big names like Ellen DeGeneres and Martha Stewart.

NorthStar Alarm

A smaller tech company taking the security industry by storm, NorthStar has a history of outstanding security solutions that only continues to expand. One of the clearest needs in the technology industry today is effective security monitoring. The company takes this a step further and offers top-rated security systems that include burglar protection, fire alarm safety, access control, video surveillance, and more.

NorthStar alarm reviews are using social media to get their product out to more customers and expand business. They rely on innovative software and hardware components to deliver reliable safety options. They just announced a new monitored smoke detector hardware and work with other companies to make sure emergency response teams are prompt.

It’s not easy becoming an industry leader in the tech world, but these companies have done so by recognising and meeting needs of consumers and businesses alike. The unique technology solutions each of these companies provides, as well as their timely and appropriate responses to customer queries is what makes them stand out in their industry and beyond.