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Gmail 'Undo Send' feature finally available to all

One of the first features in Gmail’s beta project, Undo Send has been in testing for six years, finally released earlier today for all Gmail users.

Undo Send is a nifty feature, allowing the user to delay a message for up to ten seconds. In that time, the user can undo the email, sending it back into draft.

Considering the amount of times a small spelling error can slip through an email, Undo Send is one of those features that is always handy. Users that speak to friends and family through Gmail might also find the feature useful, allowing them to quickly undo a message sent to the wrong person.

Google did not give a reason why Undo Send has been in beta for all this time, with minimal changes made to the functionality of the feature since its launch in 2009. Gmail has seen some changes in that time, but not enough to warrant it staying in beta this long.

Undo Send is disabled by default on Gmail, but users should turn it on if they actively use Gmail. Outlook and Yahoo have not announced plans to offer a similar feature, meaning for now Gmail is one of the only major clients to offer this functionality.

Google has already made Undo Send available on Inbox, its new email client for mobile.