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Google providing new tools for journalists with News Lab

Following on from the launch of Facebook Instant and Apple News, Google is stepping into the journalism industry with a set of tools under the News Lab ecosystem.

YouTube Wire was announced a week ago, allowing citizen journalists to tap into a web of video, audio and written reports on a news story. This is a further expansion highlighting the ability to use Google’s systems, algorithms and analytics to create data driven stories.

Google Maps, Search and Trends all offer valuable information to journalists and publishers. Google wants to make sure the correct information is getting to these groups of people, by distributing numbers and APIs for writers to utilise.

Google believes the future of journalism will involve technologists getting in on the news. It is working with Matter and Hackers to develop new ideas in this field, alongside offering a wave of redefined apps for journalists.

This expansion into the media by technology companies is not a surprise. The potential of controlling the way people view the news is extremely valuable, especially to Google’s AdSense network that needs popular site support.

Facebook Instant is another move to control the news, while also offering publishers integration on a massive social network. Several publishers, including The New York Times, Wired and Buzzfeed, have jumped on the opportunity to be a part of it.

Apple’s own News app is more similar to Flipboard, but having the investment of the largest company in the world has to account for something. Add to that Snapchat’s new investment in a news division and Twitter’s interest in acquiring Flipboard, there is a lot of focus on journalism and news coming from the technology sector.