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iMessage experiencing technical difficulties

Apple's messaging service iMessage has been hit by problems, with various users around the world reporting issues.

Apple's status page shows no problems, but on social media people have said their SMS messages can't get through. Others can't send images, or the images are being sent too slowly.

The service has hit all Apple devices with iMessage app, including iPhones and iPads, however the problem seems to be dying down, after it was initially reported last night, The Independent writes in a report.

On some phones, the issue is easily resolved by simply restarting the phone, or the iMessage app itself. If you're having issues, you can try rebooting your device, or heading over to the Settings app and restarting iMessage.

However, some users say this only temporarily fixes the problem, which comes back soon after.

The iMessage service lets people send texts between Apple devices using a data connection, avoiding the cost of a text message. It is built into all of Apple’s devices, including its iPads, laptops and computers, which means that people can text even if they’re not on their phone.

This app has been hit by problems before. Only recently a “deadly” message emerged on the social media. When written in a specific fashion, a certain combination of letters and numbers crashes the iMessage app and reboots the phone, after which Apple was forced to react with an explanation on how to protect yourself from this annoying prank.

People were also having trouble if they switched from an Apple to a non-Apple device because of a bug which was fixed late last year.