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Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service handled 726 complaints in 2014

Last year, a total of 726 .UK domain name disputes have been brought before the Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS).

Nominet,the company behind .UK, has released its annual summary on the disputes.

This means complaints were up eight per cent on 2013, it says in the official press release. The year also saw a 51 per cent increase in the number of cases where people were able to come to an agreement themselves and with the help of a Nominet mediator, without needing to appoint an expert to make the decision.

Fifty-five per cent of cases resulted in the domain name being transferred to the person making the complaint. For the first time since the DRS was established in 2001, no decisions were appealed.

Brands such as John Lewis, Post Office, Vodafone, NatWest, BT, and National Express used the DRS in 2014.

Based on a conservative estimate of £15,000 per dispute in court costs and fees, the 500 cases that progressed to formal dispute resolution in 2014 add up to an estimated £7.5 million in avoided costs.

In 2014 there were 98 full decisions (where the respondent has defended the case) made. The most common industries were retail (18); automotive (7); banking and finance (6); food, beverages and restaurants (6); and internet (6).

The year saw cases bought by complainants from 35 different countries, led by the UK (549) followed by the US (64), Germany (15) and Lichtenstein (13). Respondents were even more widely dispersed, coming from 51 different countries. Again the UK leads with 545 respondents, but Saint Kitts and Nevis is in second place with 26.