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Twitter to Jack Dorsey: "Drop Square if you want to be CEO"

Twitter is making sure investors know Jack Dorsey is not a prime candidate for the CEO position, revealing in a note to investors that the candidate would have to be fully committed to the position.

Dorsey, the first CEO of Twitter, said in a statement last week he would not give up his position as Square CEO for Twitter. At the same time, reports state Dorsey is gunning for the CEO position at Twitter, wanting to reclaim his old company.

It is not set in stone that Dorsey will not be allowed to be both Twitter and Square CEO, but the likelihood of the board allowing that to happen is low. Not many people run two companies at once without major issues, Elon Musk and Sergio Marchionne being two of the major outliers, and the board has its worries.

One of the board members, Ev Williams, took over from Dorsey in 2008. The Square CEO was booted out of Twitter for leaving work early to attend yoga lessons. Williams took over from 2008 to 2011, before dropping the CEO position to work on Medium.

Williams might be one of the key factors in keeping Dorsey away from the CEO position, considering his past. Dorsey might have cleaned up his act and shown he can be responsible with Square, but that might not be enough to sway the board.

Twitter might not be the greatest company for Dorsey to take over either, considering it has a very slow moving user-base, low advertising revenues compared to Facebook or Google and seems to be constantly flurried with media attention.

Other potential candidates for the job include Twitter CFO Anthony Noto, Google head of services Sundar Pichai, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and a few other key executives from Twitter, Google and Facebook.