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Xbox One backward compatibility to work with Xbox 360 DLC

Microsoft announced at E3 2015 that the Xbox One would be backward compatible with the Xbox 360, and in a new follow up announcement Microsoft has confirmed this will include Xbox 360 DLC.

Confirming the feature on Xbox Support, Microsoft claims all that needs to happen is the developer approves of the DLC. Once that happens, all of the DLC in a game will be backward compatible with the Xbox One.

It is a good move for both Microsoft and developers, the latter may have made some necessary edits or big campaign changes in DLC form. Mass Effect 3, for example, has an extended cut ending that fans begged for after the poor original ending.

Achievements from the Xbox 360 pass over to the Xbox One through the cloud. This means games like Call of Duty 4, Fallout 3 and other games with hard to earn achievements will not need to be played twice on the Xbox One.

Microsoft created the Xbox 360 digital environment inside the Xbox One, allowing gamers to play games from the current and previous generation. Sony is pushing PlayStation Now as its own cross compatibility, a subscription streaming service for games.

The difference with Microsoft’s compatibility solution is it isn’t a subscription, but customers need to pay for each game individually. How many games you had in the previous generation might influence your decision on the better service.

Microsoft plans to rollout this service over the holiday season, as it continues to slash the price of the Xbox One. In the UK, it is currently available for £299, £50 cheaper than the PS4. A big step considering the Xbox One started £100 more expensive than the PS4.