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Apple will auto-delete apps for more update space on iOS 9

Apple is planning a new way to save storage space before updating the iOS platform, by temporarily deleting apps from the smartphone to add more available space.

When an update comes along, Apple will prompt users to delete apps for additional space. The process is done automatically, meaning the user has no say in what apps are deleted.

It doesn’t matter what apps are deleted however, due to Apple’s new storage technique allowing them to keep all data on the app when it re-downloads it, after the update.

This is a smart way to bypass the small 16GB iPhone 6 sales, still clogging up a large amount of the sales despite Apple’s move to scrap the 32GB model. The 64GB option costs £100 extra, but it seems like customers are still fine with 16GB.

Apple moved the iOS 9 size of download from 4GB to just over 1GB, a massive leap in space available. Still, for iPhone owners unable to offer that much space, a few apps will be booted off the device.

There are other plans on iOS 9 to optimise apps better for the mobile, allowing more apps and more space. Apple’s programming language Swift is already showing promise in this regard, alongside its graphics API Metal, also offering better performance.

Apple is launching a developer preview of iOS 9 in July to everyone who wants to test the newest iteration of iOS. The official launch is still not known, although Apple said at WWDC 2015 it plans to launch iOS 9 in the fall.