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Periscope replays now available on the web

Ever since its introduction a few months back, Periscope has drawn a lot of attention to itself, and that trend seems to be carrying on.

The live video stream app for Twitter has been mostly praised, but also criticised that streams often end before you could watch them.

The app does allow replaying of streamed content 24 hours after the stream dies, but that only worked for Android and iOS apps. Now, it’s bringing the same functionality to the web.

Just click a link to a Periscope stream, and once the page opens in your browser, you can hit the play button to re-live the stream.

Periscope is still a young app and a pioneer in mobile live video streaming, so adding new functionalities as time goes by will probably be a common case.

I’d love to see an embedding feature, as well, so I can embed Kim Kardashian’s shopping spree to my blog (I wouldn’t really do that, but I’m pretty sure someone would love to do it).

For those unfamiliar with Periscope, it’s an app designed especially for the Twitter app and allows people to stream live video from their smartphones to their followers.

The app marks a significant step forward for the entire Internet, as video becomes the main type of content online. However, live streaming raised questions of piracy, as we’ve seen first-hand during the Mayweather – Pacquiao boxing match, when people streamed the event en masse, allowing those with no access the possibility of watching the game is solid quality.