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Computer AI learns how to play video games

Who knew that Skynet would grow so fast.

We’re just kidding. But it was pretty fascinating to know that a computer can learn to beat a Super Mario level. And if that wasn’t enough, we can now train the computer to create Super Mario levels. And the mind blowing part of all of it, is that it can learn all of that by just watching YouTube videos.

The researchers at Georgia Tech, who were lead by Ph. D. student Matthew Guzdial, created exactly what we would call the first Skynet prototype.

The computer watching the Super Mario gameplay videos on YouTube and creates its own unique level that a “human” player can play through.

We all live in an era in which a computer learning to create different things and design new things is no big deal. But, on the other hand, if a computer can learn to create game levels by just watching gameplay videos, this is definitely a breakthrough.

The researchers said that the computer is able to create those levels by analysing the spots where the players spend most of their time, i.e., collecting items and mastering obstacles.

Most of us would expect a jumbled game level that is unplayable. But the truth is the exact opposite of that. The AI is smart enough to position the levels as it learns from the videos. You won’t find any floating pipes or obstacles that are impossibly wide to jump through. And the levels that it creates are not just copies of what it watched in the YouTube videos.

They are completely unique.

For all of you game designers breaking into a cold sweat, don't worry. Your jobs are safe, for now anyway.

For more information, see the video above.