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Competition for London’s fastest mobile broadband provider is strong, who was the winner?

In the latest study of Mobile Broadband carried out by RootMetrics where they compare the best mobile broadband providers, EE reached the top of the list. With the fastest median download speed of 25.4Mbps and the fastest uploads at 19.3Mbps, there was no doubt that EE was going to be the best mobile broadband provider in the capital of the United Kingdom – London.

This study was based on over 95,000 tests that were conducted, both indoors and outdoors including the 3G and 4G networks. But since RootMetrics have combined the overall performance, we cannot see the split between both networks.

Here are the results;

Fastest Median Mobile Download Speeds (London)

  1. EE 25.4Mbps
  2. Vodafone 10.6Mbps
  3. O2 8.7Mbps
  4. Three UK 7Mbps

Fastest Median Mobile Upload Speeds (London)

  1. EE 19.3Mbps
  2. Vodafone 6.9Mbps
  3. O2 8.7Mbps
  4. Three UK 2.9Mbps

Recently the RootMetrics group was criticised by Vodafone for testing the provider in an "inconsistent manner" which does not meet the industry standards. RootMetrics countered to that criticism by saying that the tests were "completely independent."


After all the tests (Mobile internet, Calls, and Texts), the group rated each provider out of 100. The higher the rating, the mobile reliable the network is.

EE was the most reliable network at 96.1 out of 100. Surprisingly enough, Three UK took the second spot at 94.7. The reason for this was a good performance for calls and texts. Vodafone grabbed the third spot at 90.2, and O2 made it to the fourth spot at 89.1.