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Google launches GitHub competitor, Cloud Source Repositories

Google closed its own project hosting site, named Google Code, earlier this year, in a move to allow Github and Bitbucket to become the dominant platforms. The move away from project hosting only lasted a few months, with a new place called Cloud Source Repositories now available on the Google Cloud Platform.

Part of Google’s ever growing line of services on the cloud platform, Cloud Source Repositories allows users and teams to upload, build and deploy applications for the web and mobile.

It is also part of Google’s plan to be in every step of the development, creating IDE programs like Android Studio to write the code, Cloud Source Repositories to edit and upload the code and its own cloud platform to host the finalised application.

This should give Google more fight against the current market leader, Amazon Web Services. That said, Amazon launched a similar project hosting platform for AWS in November 2014, revealing a platform for developers to build the code before deploying.

Microsoft also offers a Virtual Studio Online with unlimited service for customers, working on the Azure cloud platform. It seems all of the major cloud platform providers are pushing for project hosting programs to keep programmers integrated.

Google didn’t make any announcements of this project, noticed by VentureBeat a few hours ago. It has been available for a month now, but Google decided not to share this information with any media outlet, perhaps due to the recent removal of Google Code.

Even though Github is still far and away the most prominent project hosting site, with a valuation of $2 billion (£1.27 billion) as it attempts to expand into Europe. The problem for Github is it's surrounded on all sides by companies willing to lose a ton of money to win customers, similar to Dropbox’s cloud storage issue.