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How to solve the security challenges of Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has been a great enabler for many businesses, providing developers with the core network and storage resources required to deploy bespoke platforms and software.

However, IaaS also comes with a number of security challengers that businesses must be prepared to face head-on, whether they are using public, private or hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Accessing your infrastructure over a wireless network means that the potential is there for data to be intercepted or for authentication protocols to be breached. However, instead of running away from the security challenges of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, companies should look at the potential ways of overcoming them in order to embrace the benefits of the cloud.

To avoid data being compromised, businesses may want to utilise rights management software. This can be used to restrict access to certain types of data, create access management policies and implement self-destruct procedures for temporary information. Robust authorisation protocols, including multi-factor authentication can also help shore up a company’s security.

End-to-end encryption is also essential if businesses want to keep their infrastructure secure. It is important to deploy whole disk encryption, rather than simply focusing on user data files, as this is the only way to protect against offline attacks.

Perhaps even more important than technical solutions, businesses must have a clear strategy in place when it comes to security. Be clear and transparent with staff, highlighting which data, apps and resources they can access and which are too critical to share.

That way, the security challenges of Infrastructure-as-a-Service can be navigated as smoothly as possible.

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