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New release of Jive-n announced

The latest release of Jive-n, Jive Software’s employee-centric social intranet was announced today.

The service offers streamlined content management functionality and simplified self-service capabilities, the company said in a press release.

Jive-n has also extended its capabilities as a collaboration hub that unites employees, information and systems across organizations, geographies, tools and devices with enhanced integrations for Google and Microsoft applications, it added.

There are several business benefits to the new release, including new insight support centre and improved search capabilities.

By integrating with Google and Microsoft, Jive says it provides companies with a powerful communication and collaboration hub. It improved its connection to Google Docs, which includes new file and permission syncing, as well as identity handling capabilities.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, the new updates ensure “non-disruptive Jive instance upgrades, easy configuration and smooth deployment.”

The new update also simplifies sharing and content migration, as well as content management. Upload can now be done by dragging and dropping, and employees can now copy documents with a click of button and clone title, body and publishing information into a new piece of content.

"Employees today demand social intranet experiences that match the ease of use they've come to expect in their consumer apps," said Clara Liang, chief product officer at Jive Software. "The latest release of Jive-n further advances our customers' objectives by improving productivity and provides a deeply engaging environment that spurs adoption for a truly connected workforce."

The latest Jive-n release will be available from tomorrow.

In addition to today's update to Jive-n, Jive also announced new enhancements to Jive-x external community solution.