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Whitepaper: Data-driven enterprise infrastructure

Best Practices: How the right infrastructure empowers Big Data

Welcome to the data boom

Big Data presents a massive opportunity. Your customers—who have come to
expect a high level of responsiveness thanks to the consumerisation of IT—
demand that information and offers be custom-tailored to their needs. At the same
time, IT must move from being a cost centre to a value creator by enhancing sales,
marketing, the supply chain, human resources, finance, and many other facets of
the enterprise, including IT itself. But it’s impossible to support the level of analytics
required to meet these expectations with a traditional IT infrastructure.

As IT becomes more of a service broker to the business by providing more on-demand
delivery capabilities, the enablement will be through a software-defined infrastructure. This is critical to the New Style of IT, which brings business and IT together through an optimised hybrid delivery model.

To maintain relevance and do what’s needed to eliminate the pockets of
shadow IT that have grown up around Big Data, IT must also insert itself into the business’s conversation around how to gain analytics-driven insights, or risk losing the ability to manage those systems and how the company spends its IT budget—not to mention ensuring data and system security.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.

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