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Whitepaper: Infrastructure that moves at cloud speed

Best Practices: Transforming to an on-demand IT infrastructure

Do you feel the pressure?

Cloud technology allows companies to adopt a service-centric approach to IT quickly while also maintaining traditional IT systems. Firms can move at their own pace, choosing the right model for each application or aspect of their business, based on issues such as cost and security. “The speed of business has changed immensely,” says HP Cloud Advisor Lee Kedrie. “The demand for speed is constant and disruptive. There are some big legacy companies struggling with old infrastructure. They may have been able to put Band-Aids on it, but they’re still really constrained to change.” Application development now happens daily or weekly, rather than the previous two code drops a year, Kedrie adds.

Transforming to an on-demand infrastructure powered by cloud technology offers your organisation the ability to accommodate this pace of change and deliver IT as a service in all its forms: platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS), as well as advanced analytics to any number of other services the business requires. The key is to retain the orchestrated management techniques and standards you use with traditional IT delivery, updating them as needed. According to recent HP research, leading enterprise firms—defined as those that adopt and exploit digital technology to generate real business outcomes—understand that IT change equals success.

IT can explore, develop, and deploy mobile and big data services faster in a cloud environment. This is a good thing, notes Don Randall, Technology Services, HP, because in many cases the lines of business requesting the services are not willing to wait. When business units go around the company’s IT department to supply cloud services, Randall adds, “somebody still needs to run the organisation’s compliance and make sure things are secure".

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