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Windows 10 to be adopted by 73 per cent of IT pros

A total of 73 per cent of IT professionals will deploy Windows 10 within the first two years, a new report by Spiceworks shows.

The report, called “Windows 10: Will it Soar?” found that 96 per cent of IT decision-makers are interested in Windows 10, and 60 per cent of IT departments have tested or are actively testing the new operating system. The survey also found that 40 per cent of companies plan to begin rolling out Windows 10 within the first year and an additional 33 per cent expect to begin deploying Windows 10 within two years.

Even though Windows 10 offers new features, such as Cortana or the new Edge browser, IT professionals are mostly interested in the system’s stability and simplification of everyday tasks.

Sixty-four per cent of IT professionals said they were most interested in the return of the Start button, 55 per cent cited the free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8/8.1, and 51 per cent referenced enhanced security.

Only eight per cent of respondents said they were interested in the touch-optimised interface, six per cent cited Cortana, and five per cent were interested in Hello.

When it comes to Edge, they don’t seem to be all that much interested, with nearly half saying they didn’t know enough about the new browser to have formed an opinion.

Twenty-five per cent said they were somewhat to very positive, 23 per cent said they were neutral, and four per cent were somewhat to very negative

IT professionals’ emphasis on stability was clear when asked about any concerns they may have as they adopt Windows 10. Seventy-nine per cent cited hardware/software compatibility as their biggest concern followed by early release bugs, user training, lack of third party support, and the time it would take to complete the upgrade process.