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4 U.S. social media day events that you need to attend

The Social Media Day is fast becoming a popular celebration, and has spread across the globe to include hundreds of global events that are attended by thousands of people. The events reflect on how the social media has changed during the past year, and the effect it has has globally

We are now approaching the 6th annual Social Media Day and if this is the first time you’ll be attending Social Media Day, there are two easy ways you can be part of it.

You can either connect with others online through the #SMDay hashtag, or attend one of the in-person events across the world.

Below are some of the highlighted Social Media Day events taking place in the U.S. on 30 June.

Buffalo, New York

June 30, 2015. 5:30pm ET

73 Hamburg St, Buffalo, New York 14204

This event will definitely be one of the highlights of the day, with your favourite social media apps such as Pinterest and TimeHop being among those "coming to life".

If you're wondering how this will all come together, make your way to the Buffalo area and RSVP here.


June 30, 2015. 5pm to 8pm CT

22 West Hubbard St, Chicago, Illinois, 60654

Chicago is holding its fifth Social Media Day annual celebrations. The night consists of the recognition of some of the top social media talent and their accomplishments during the past year.


Palm Coast, Florida

June 30, 2015. 6:30pm ET

20 Airport Rd, Suite B2, Palm Coast, Florida 32164

June 30 is recognised as the official Palm Coast Social Media Day. The event is free and it boasts dozens of local business people and social media influencers. And if you feel hungry, there are complimentary appetisers and an open bar that features the Social Media Day signature cocktail.

a "twofie" contest will be held amongst other things. A "Twofie" is a two person selfie if you're wondering.

If you meet these 3 criteria’s, you are welcome to this free event.

  • An active Twitter account
  • An active Instagram account, OR
  • You manage a Facebook business page


Tampla, Florida

June 30, 2015. 6pm to 9pm ET

490 Channelside Dr, Tampa, Florida 33602

If you are in a party mood, and want to celebrate the Social Media Day with a bang, then there is no better place to than the Social Media Day in Tampa Bay. The organisers host a night of food, drinks and lots of networking.

If you believe that your resume is up to par, or if you’re a social media professional, then you might be lucky enough to make the VIP list, and start the party early at 5pm ET.

For all the regular attendees, the night begins at 6mp ET.