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Datameer comes to your big data rescue with new analytics app

Marketing departments today operate across multiple channels from traditional routes to digital campaigns and social media. That means they're dealing with more data than ever before.

But being data rich isn't an answer in itself as the information can be fragmented and difficult to analyse. Big data insights specialist Datameer is launching its Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App which offers an end-to-end view of the marketing process from lead-to-customer.

It combines and analyses data from websites, digital ads, social media, Salesforce and Marketo into one unified view of the customer journey, giving marketers a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of leads.

The software provides four key insights, letting marketers see where high quality leads come from, what combination of campaigns converts leads to customers, what assets are the most effective in influencing those conversions, and what the conversion speed and effectiveness is of both campaigns and assets.

"Marketing executives have to become data-driven in order to be key drivers of customer acquisition for their companies", says Azita Martin, CMO of Datameer. "We want to remove the barriers that are commonly encountered when using traditional marketing platforms and make it incredibly easy to understand the lead to customer journey. Now, businesses can decipher and drill down into customer decisions to deliver higher levels of conversion and greater marketing and sales success".

Datameer's application also delivers an on-demand dashboard that allows users to view the performance of channels, campaigns and assets in a single view by deals, opportunities and leads. This gives executives a critical view of how they can fine tune customer campaigns while they’re under way. It simplifies a process that's usually manual, can take several hours a week and is usually prepared using spreadsheets.

You can find more information on how Datameer can speed up the analysis of marketing data on the company's website.

Photo Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock