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Google's self driving car in near miss another self driving vehicle

A close call incident reportedly took place on the roads of California this week, where a Google-operated self-driving Lexus seemed to cut-off a self-driving Audi run by Delphi Automotive.

According to a Delphi executive, the Delphi Automotive vehicle was trying to change lanes and was cut up by the Google-operated vehicle, meaning it had to take "appropriate action" to avoid a collision.

The Audi was forced to abort its lane change in the incident, said John Absmeier, who was travelling in his company's car at the time.

While the close call is apparently the first incident among self-driving cars, a report from Google in May revealed that its fleet of cars has had 11 minor accidents since the program began in 2009.

Despite this number, Google's programme director Chris Urmson wrote that not one self-driving car was the "cause" of an accident, and many of the incidents involved the car being rear-ended by another vehicle.

Delphi Automotive also had a reported accident back in October, which showed that it was broadsided by another car while waiting to make a left turn. The car, however, was not in self-driving mode at the time.