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NASA astronauts getting HoloLens

What if you could share your point of view with someone else? And what if that someone else could help you with whatever challenge you have in front of you?

What if you were an astronaut on board the International Space Station (ISS), faced with a malfunction and you need an expert down on Earth who could help you solve it?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

As The Telegraph reported today, NASA is teaming up with Microsoft to bring its virtual reality headset to its astronauts on board the ISS. A pair of headset devices will be sent this weekend, and it's believed it will speed up repairs and research on the Station.

In the future, NASA hopes to use the technology on missions to Mars and an asteroid, The Telegraph adds.

Once the devices arrive, they will first be tested, and astronauts are expected to start using them by the end of the year.

There are two ways astronauts will use the new technology. One is share its point of view with experts down on Earth, which will be useful when the crew is making repairs. The experts will have the ability to “draw” on top of the astronaut’s view to help them see better what to do.

Secondly, the device will put holograms on top of an astronaut’s view, to help speed up training.

"HoloLens and other virtual and mixed reality devices are cutting edge technologies that could help drive future exploration and provide new capabilities to the men and women conducting critical science on the International Space Station," said Sam Scimemi, the ISS programme's director.