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NASA is sending Microsoft's HoloLens to space

In an effort to move move their partnership a notch higher, NASA will send a pair of Microsoft's HoloLens devices to the International Space Station as part of the SpaceX resupply mission over the weekend.

NASA had earlier developed a program called OnSight for HoloLens, which lets scientists see a virtual image of Mars through rover-collected data.

Following the earlier R&D efforts of NASA, it said that astronauts aboard the ISS will begin to use HoloLens in a number of ways.

The "Remote Expert Mode" allows ground operators to use Skype to see what a crew member sees in real time. This functionality even allows the operator to make notes and draw right in the astronaut's field of view.

The "Procedure Mode" lays animated holographic drawings over whatever the crew member is interacting with.

These functionalities will be enabled through NASA and Microsoft's co-developed program called Sidekick.

However, Sidekick won't immediately become a part of the day-to-day routine on the ISS. According to NASA, the first two devices will be tested by astronauts, afterwhich, a second set of HoloLens glasses will be delivered "on a future mission."