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Netflix targeting India 2016 launch

The path to global adoption should take Netflix two years, and one of the first major stops on that road is India. The media streaming service plans to launch in the region by 2016, already speaking to local content providers on licensing deals.

The Times of India is reporting a rise in talks between Netflix and content providers, including DD National, the creators of Buniyaad, Nukkad and Malgudi Days. These are some of the most watched programs in the region.

Adding into the service Netflix’s large range of licensed content from Asia, America and Europe, along with its own Netflix Originals TV shows, it has a large library on offer. This could be a strong move against the small amount of media streaming services currently popular in India.

Similar to Starbucks or McDonalds, India is influenced by American culture and brands. Most people that are tech savvy know about Netflix and may have even watched some of the original series, although we doubt these savvy figures paid for the content.

It is said Netflix has over 20 million customers in Asia, despite not launching the service in the region. Most come from China, where VPN if rife and some Chinese users skip over the Great Firewall to watch American shows.

Netflix has plans to launch in China as well, engaging in conversations with several media channels in the region. It might have to tone down its library outside of local Chinese content, to gain favour with regulators in the region.

The end goal is to have Netflix in 200 countries by 2016, making it almost global. Reed Hastings, the chief executive, has plans to make Netflix Global, a content service providing content from all over the world, regardless of geo-location.

Source: TTOI