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Taylor Swift has no bad blood with Apple

Apple has patched things up with all of the indie artists, even the one that started all the ruckus, Taylor Swift. In a Twitter announcement, Swift said she would bring 1989 onto Apple Music.

This is a big step for Apple Music, considering 1989 is not available on Spotify or Tidal. Swift said it is the “first time it [has] felt right in my gut to stream my album.” Her previous tweet also mentioned that this is not an exclusive deal.

In the original post on not streaming 1989, Swift claimed revenue made from streaming was much lower than traditional album or record sales. She also said that listening to an album was the right way to listen to a record, not hammering on a single.

The arguments brought up inspired a few musicians to go against the streaming services, but most were happy with Spotify. It also gave rise to Tidal, Jay Z’s own streaming platform, the first platform to push a subscription model over ad-support.

Swift did not mention if she has been in contact with Apple since the blog post. Head of services Eddy Cue or CEO Tim Cook may have been able to sway Swift onto Apple Music, even with her previous resentments of music streaming.

Apple Music will pay artists 0.1p per listen for free trial customers, while paying 0.3p for paid customers. It plans to make the deal even sweeter as more customers move to paid subscriptions.

Apple plans to launch Apple Music next week on Tuesday, through the iOS 8.1.4 patch. Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe has updated viewers that his first interview guest will be Eminem, which comes as little surprise considering Dr. Dre’s relationship with Eminem as a mentor; Dr. Dre owns part of Apple through the Beats Electronics sale.