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Microsoft Office 365 gets one-click access to apps

Office 365 debuted with the last release of the software, bringing the service to what Microsoft has always likely wanted - a subscription. It's a decent deal with five licenses and the ability to move them to new computers.

Now the software giant is rolling out one-click app access in its Office 365 store. The company is trying to make things as simple as possible, by adding the store and deployment without admin support. No configuration or admin support? That sounds like an IT nightmare, but hopefully Microsoft is vetting everything before it goes live.

"Rolling out to Office 365 customers in the First Release program, the Office 365 Store is accessible through an icon in the app launcher “waffle” in the top navigation bar". Click it and you'll be whisked away to the store. Here you find registered apps for your installation.

Microsoft points out that "Initially we’re working with a select list of pioneering partners for the apps in the Office 365 Store, but over time we plan to add hundreds of popular third-party solutions as Single Sign On apps to the Office 365 Store".

What apps you want to grab is up to both you and Microsoft, but the store is likely to grow quickly, given the popularity of the software.