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Apple iPhone 6S with Force Touch already in production

Apple has already begun production of its next-generation iPhone 6S, according to folks in the know.

The inside sources spoke to Bloomberg, claiming that there are already iPhone 6S models (which will likely be the name) rolling off a production line somewhere complete with Force Touch on board.

Force Touch, a feature first incorporated into the Apple Watch, allows the user to employ light and heavier presses of the screen to trigger different functions, allowing for new UI tricks.

It's a major new twist which you can bet Apple will be making the most of when it comes to launch day later in the year (which should be September, as per normal, although there has been some buzz about a slightly earlier launch this time around).

There are, of course, plenty of other rumours circulating about the iPhone 6S, including the fact that Apple may be looking to do away with the hardware home button.

The shift to a software home button would allow for more screen real estate, and display size is obviously important to users and Apple alike, what with Cupertino introducing its much bigger screens last autumn.

Of course, doing away with the hardware button is more complicated due to the iPhone's fingerprint sensor, but Apple is working on the touch technology to get round this.