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Apple Music heading to Sonos by end of year

Apple’s music streaming service is launching tomorrow at 4PM and Sonos is the latest company to announce support will be coming for Apple Music, by the end of the year.

Sonos, the maker of some of the most popular HiFi and soundbar devices, already has some integration for Spotify and Pandora, allowing owners of the audio devices to push music directly from an app.

It was almost guaranteed that Sonos would add Apple Music integration, given the potential of the music streaming service. Apple is hoping for 100 million subscribers by the end of 2015, an optimistic goal but one that is reachable given the 400 million iPhone owners worldwide that are able to download iOS 8.1.4.

Apple Music will not play music at as high a definition as Tidal’s £20 per month package or iTunes music, but it should still sound decent on a quality speakers. The amount of music listeners using YouTube as their main source of music means the quality has been downgraded to the point where even streamed music sounds above average.

Apple has not added additional plans to add higher definition music, potentially due to most customers not caring about the quality. Audiophiles will use iTunes or buy physical records, which provide a much higher quality than digital.