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Barclays announces contactless payment refresh, new mobile app

Barclays recently pulled its range of contactless payment devices and stickers, hinting at a refresh. Today, the refresh to the sticker, fob and wearable was announced, with a new bPay app allowing users to send money to a digital wallet.

The sticker can be used anywhere, but Barclays is pushing users to place it on a smartphone with NFC. The fob is a small device, normally attached to a keychain. The wearable will work in a similar fashion to the fob, allowing users to pay at any contactless reader.

Barclays claims the wearable should be used at festivals and on the tube, to gain quick access instead of using a fob or smartphone.

All three of the options for contactless payment allow Barclays customers to experience a wide range of options. It also means iPhone 6 owners that want to use contactless payment still have an option, even if it is not Apple Pay.

Barclays is the only major bank in the United Kingdom to not support Apple Pay on launch. It might add support at a later date, but did not want its main announcement to be overshadowed by another payments service.

bPay is an interesting application for Barclaycard owners, allowing them to transfer money, view purchases and change payment and debit settings all from the app or desktop website. Provided it doesn’t crash and burn, it should keep Barclaycard owners happy.

The sticker starts at £14.99, the fob is available for £19.99 and the wearable will keep to the price increase at £24.99. The wearable is definitely worth it for frequent travellers sick of waiting in queues for tickets, or the hob if speed is not a major concern.

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