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Facebook a long way from the rainbow as white males still dominate

While the rainbow-themed filter on Facebook this week reflects an embrace of gender preference, the social media giant has yet to intensify its efforts to be a diverse company.

This is because its recent "diversity report" reveals that its workforce remains to be dominated by whites and males.

Of the more than 10,000 employees Facebook has globally, 68 per cent were male. Comparing to the previous year's records -when it first opened the company's staff gender and race make-up - the female population within Facebook has only increased by one per cent.

In addition, the tech division of the company employed even less women at 16 per cent.

In terms of the ethnicity of Facebook's workforce in the US, Caucasians dominate at 55 per cent. The Asian workforce in the company has increased by only 2 per cent, now leading to a 36 per cent composition.

Facebook's diversity boss Maxine Williams admitted that change in the multinational's workforce had been "modest".

"While we have achieved positive movement over the last year, it's clear to all of us that we still aren't where we want to be. There's more work to do," she said.

"We remain deeply committed to building a workplace that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics."