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iTunes Match song limit upgraded to 100,000 on iOS 9

Apple Music is bringing a new generation of music listening to the iPhone, but the company is not forgetting older services. Head of services Eddy Cue revealed plans to upgrade iTunes Match storage space from 25,000 to 100,000 songs.

For those that don’t know what iTunes Match is all about, the service allows users to store music from iTunes, MP3 or CD into iCloud. It costs £21.99 per year, and for music listeners always changing devices it is perfect.

That said, the growing library of music, which could extend as far back as the 90s, might be over 25,000 songs for some people. For those select few, Apple is making sure you never run out of storage.

iTunes Match might be dying out as we move to an age of music streaming, but there are still glimmers of music fans still listening to a large collection of albums. iTunes is also still a massive business, even if Apple reported 17 per cent revenue decline in the first quarter.

Apple’s plan to control music involves working on every part of it, including the streaming, radio, social and selling of music. Apple Music will be a big part of this, with Beats 1 and Connect integrated, and in a few years iTunes might fizzle out into the streaming service.

That would make sense considering Apple is also planning a video streaming service, meaning that would be the place for TV shows and movies to be sold. Deconstructing iTunes has been something customers have been asking for years, ever since the iTunes store became overrun with all sorts of non-music content.