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Google planning to add "Ok, Google" offline functionality soon

Google is planning to take its voice recognition platform offline, allowing users to say “Ok, Google” without having an active Internet connection. In the Search 4.8 update hints at the new features were found inside the code, although it is still unavailable for now.

Basic functionality is all that will be available to start, with commands like “Send a text”, “Play some music” and “Turn on WiFi” capable of being picked up without an Internet connection.

Offline Google Now will also be available in the future, letting the user see some of the upcoming events from the last time an Internet connection was established. Google plans to make most of its virtual assistant platform autonomous, regardless of Internet connection.

There are some other new features coming, like Google notifying the user about insecure networks, a voice command to control the brightness of the display and the ability to shut down a Chromecast session through voice recognition.

Having Google Now offline would be a bit of relief for users always hassled to have an Internet connection. The announcement that offline Google Maps would be available later this year, along with a less demanding version of Chrome, are good for users that cannot always stick on a strong 3G or 4G network.

That said, Google doesn’t have plans to make the functionality anything above the basic level, meaning any advanced changes will be available to those that have a stable Internet connection.